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Commissioning Artwork

The process for commissioning art work is simple, but precise process. I will meet with the commissioner so that we can develop a plan. The plan allows me to best understand how I can make you a satisfied collector. After the questionaire, we will discuss level of difficulty, painting due date and price.

If you choose to go forward with the commission, the commissioner receives layout sketches. There is a flat, non-refundable fee for sketches, however if and when the sketches are approved, the fee will go towards the final balance of the painting. From this point, if sketches are approved, I move forward and paint. I will report my progress and take digital images of the painting so that it can be viewed by the commissioner.

Finally, I will finish the painting with enough time so that you may have your piece professionally framed, or if you choose so, you can work with me and I can have your piece framed for you. That's the process for commissioning artwork.

If you are interested in commissioning artwork, please email me and list the following information to receive an estimate:

     1. Contact information (Name, Phone, e-mail, Address)
     2. Desired due date
     3. Desired medium (Oil, Watercolor, etc)
     4. Attach a description and/or photo of what you would like to have painted.
     5. What size painting?
     6. Any questions you have for the artist.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to painting for you.

Marty Smith

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